Fits dual-wheel chassis having an 84″ cab-to-rear-axle (CA) dimension.


Lightweight composite design. Comes standard with steel understructure and aluminum treadbright floor. Standard 42″ pack height. Side-pack 20″ depth. LED lighting package. Airtight, watertight compartments with flow through ventilation. Basic model includes eight compartments — three vertical and one horizontal per side.

Available Variations

Walk-Up, Transverse Compartments, Barn Door Front Compartments, Aluminum Lightweight Package, Gelcoat to match, Paint to match.

Standard Features

  • Treadbright aluminum floor
  • Steel understructure
  • Rock guards
  • Black Plastic Gas Fill Cup
  • Automotive grade bubble gasket
  • Bright white gel-coat exterior
  • Bright white interiors to reflect light
  • LED exterior lighting package (except back-up lights)
  • Flow through ventilation system
  • Light adapter for specified chassis
  • Non-skid compartment tops
  • One piece molded doors w/ automotive finish both sides
  • Recessed door jams
  • 3/16” smooth aluminum bulkhead
  • 3/16” smooth aluminum tail skirt
  • Steel rear mounting brackets
  • 1/8” steel tread plate floor
  • Stainless steel rotary latches
  • Type 304 stainless steel door hinges, and hardware
  • Vinyl coated stainless steel cable door stops

BFX 84LS Options


  • Alarm, Back-up
  • Baskets, Aluminum
  • Bumper, Aluminum Lightweight
  • Bumper, Galvanized Sure Step – Ball Plate Recess
  • Bumper, Galvanized Sure Step – Pintle Recess
  • Camera Ready Wiring
  • Canopy Doors, Double
  • Canopies, Dual Rear Wheel
  • Canopies, Single Rear Wheel
  • Canopy Shelves, Shelf Dividers
  • Canopy Style Ladder Rack
  • Canopy Window Options
  • Compartment Tops, Aluminum Treadbright
  • Compartment Transverse
  • Compartment Transverse Drawer Dividers, Aluminum – Egg-crate or Lengthwise
  • Door Checks Overcenter
  • Door Locks, Rod Lock System
  • Drawers, Pullout – 15″ or 20″ Deep
  • Drawer Cabinets – 8, 9, 12, or 18 Qty. Drawer Configurations
  • First Aid Kit Holder
  • Flip Tops
  • Floor Assemblies – Aluminum or Steel Combinations (see Options Drawings)
  • Floor Tie Down – Recessed
  • Gas Fill Cup – Black Plastic
  • Grab Handle Stainless Steel
  • Hooks, Locking Swivel
  • Hooks, Material Rail & Hooks
  • Hotstick Compartment, Shelf, Door
  • Ladder Rack, Cab Over
  • Ladder Rack, Horizontal Flat
  • Ladder Rack, Horizontal Sloped
  • Ladder Rack, Over Center Hold Down
  • Latches, D-Ring
  • Light Adapter Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet (Required w/ Bed Removal Install)
  • Lighting, Flex-glo Compartment Lighting
  • Lighting, Dome Light
  • Lighting, Dome Light Switch
  • Load Wall Liners
  • Nitrogen Rack, Pull Out Tilt Down
  • Pipe Vise Table & Rest
  • Storage Tube PVC with Aluminum End Caps
  • RollDeck® Cargo Bed Access Pull Out
  • Roll Tops with Double Rear Doors, or Flip Up Doors
  • Shelf, Adjustable
  • Shelf, Dividers
  • Shelf, Fixed Transverse
  • Shelf, Meter
  • Spare Tire Mount
  • Steps, Cable Stirrup
  • Tailgate, Automotive Style
  • Tailboard, Heavy Duty Plastic 6″ with Brackets
  • Tailshelf
  • Tank Rack, Aluminum with Strap
  • Top Boxes, Composite
  • Tray, Bottom Tray Horizontal
  • Undercoating
  • Understructure, Aluminum w/Aluminum Treadplate Floor
  • Understructure, Steel w/Smooth Aluminum & Coating
  • Understructure, Steel w/Steel Treadplate Floor
  • Venting, Door Vent Square
  • Walk-up, Curbside Compartment 2
  • Water Cask Holder
  • Wheel Well Liners, Aluminum

BrandFX Brochure

BrandFX Brochure

BrandFX Brochure

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