New Silhouette Contoured Composite Service Body Offers Streamlined, Spacious Storage

Fort Worth, Texas – Brand FX Body Company has expanded its line of composite Silhouette Contour Bodies™ to include the Silhouette Contour Body™ 60″ CA (cab-to-axle dimension).

The Silhouette Contour Body, part of the Fibre Body™ line of lightweight fiberglass truck bodies, caps, and toppers, is also available in a 40″ CA, and a 56″ CA. Compared to conventional service body designs, the Silhouette provides more enclosed storage space for tools, equipment, and materials. Large door openings afford easy access to stored items, and an ultra-efficient gasket design creates a watertight seal that eliminates the need for drip rails. The contoured sides provide aesthetic appeal while also enhancing the vehicle’s efficiency, maximizing fuel economy.

“This is the first FRP service body in which aesthetics and functionality are equal partners,” said Gary Heisterkamp, Brand FX president. “The aerodynamic design promotes good fuel economy by reducing air drag, and gives the vehicle a custom, integrated appearance that can elevate a fleet’s contemporary image. And of course, this new body conveys all of the benefits of FRP construction, including long-term corrosion resistance and a 30% to 40% weight-savings versus steel.”

Further, composite bodies such as the Silhouette typically outlast the chassis they’re mounted on, enabling transfer to a new truck when the time comes, for double or triple the service life.

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